Absolute Lace Wig Glue


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Tried & tested Esha Absolute. The original waterproof glue.  Super-strong, super safe; effortless removal when paired with Esha Remover.


Key Features:
Water & Sweat Resistant
Formulated for both oily & dry skin.
Quick & Clear Drying
Up to 4-week hold

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1) Shake well. For best performance, cleanse the application area with Esha Guard & Grip Primer to remove any residues prior to applying adhesive.
2) Apply a thin layer of Esha Absolute to the desired location. Spread as evenly as possible. The thinner the coat, the faster it will dry.
3) Apply lace wig onto the hairline once the glue begins to turn clear (approx. 1 minute). Gently press down on lace to ensure a flawless adhesion.
4) Make sure the Esha Fusion is clear before applying additional coats for extra strength.

– Let the glue dry (approx 2-4 minutes) before using styling products.
– The white glue may turn bluish/green after applying. Don’t worry! It will turn clear after fully drying.
– Apply multiple coats for longterm hold. The more coats you apply, the stronger the adhesion will be.  When applying additional coats, make sure the previous coat turns clear before applying again.

Before using, patch test on your arm. If irritation occurs do not proceed. For external use only. Do not ingest. Do not apply to open wounds or irritated skin If irritation occurs, stop using. Close cap tightly and keep out of children’s reach.

Poly acrylic acid ester, Water, Non ionic Surfactant


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Weight 4 oz
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3ML : $4.95, 10ML: $9.95, 30ML: $19.95

4 reviews for Absolute Lace Wig Glue

  1. Jenny Perry

    I recently switched to this glue from bold hold, and I am very happy! I apply it like this: Clean skin with alcohol. add thin layer of skin protector [like liquid skin]. Let dry, then brush on thin layer of the Esha glue, let dry. Brush on 2 thin layers of the glue, letting it dry between coats. Attach the wig. I should add I attach my wigs from temple to temple, in the front only.
    This lasts a week or more for me! No messy touchups needed. I ordered more glue; it arrives later today.

  2. Henrietta Rochelle Woodard

    There’s no words for Esha products. It HOLDS, it helps your hair GROW, PROTECTS your hair. THE BEST PRODUCTS NO QUESTION!
    Thank you so happy I found you guys.

  3. Kiawatha

    What can i say…. OMG i have found the one !!! This lace glue is everything and more.. can i tell u how ive tried every lace glue on the market and none held up to the hype… i sweat a lot and mean A LOT!! Ive sweat off every lace glue i tried. Bold hold sweat off, Cling sweat off, ghost bond sweat off.. i gave up and om lace glue and started to thing something my sweat thats toxic.. i went on youtube and saw the reviews on this Esha glue and i said let me just waste my money again and try this .. let me tell you im in Jamaica on vacay where ita humid and hot af and sweating like hell and I’ve jumped 30ft in 27ft deep water and my wig didnt even shift, went swimming still standing strong . 4 Days strong.. easha please to contact me

  4. Pamela Mellison

    Pamela- Nov.12,2020 Delivered
    Pros- The Product does just what it’s described to do. Great! product
    Cons- I placed a order for the small ( really small tube ) 🙁
    Overall: Love the product and will be placing a order for the larger size 🙂
    Thank you

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